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The basics you need to know about onboarding with Salesforge

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This is a quick guide on how to get started with Salesforge

First, get all your infrastructure (domains + mailboxes) set up via Mailforge

If you don't want to get the infrastructure with Mailforge, follow the below steps

1. Get secondary domains say from GoDaddy, a domain registrar we recommend.

2. Then 3 inboxes max per domain from Google Workspace

3. You must also do domain setup to ensure good email deliverability. Here's the help center article. For GoDaddy specifically, here's the link.

5. Then connect mailboxes via Google Oauth special method to enable you to run multi-inbox sequences and do inbox rotation for best email deliverability.

6. If you haven't warmed up your inboxes, do 14 days warm up, and then on day 15 start sequencing.

a) Sign-up and connect inboxes (T-0)

b) Warm-up activity starts the next day (T+24h)

c) Warm-up activity should be visible (T+24-48h)

7. While you wait for the warm-up phase to complete, complete email deliverability checklist.

8. Assemble your product/service data for AI based email copy.

9. Get your contact data ready. Here are some recommendations.

P.S. Here's a pre-recorded demo and for any questions just ask us in chat.

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