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Use saasyDB to find prospects at recently funded companies
Use saasyDB to find prospects at recently funded companies

Curated list of recently funded companies

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saasyDB sends you information on recently funded companies and their employees every week. No matter what job role your ideal prospect would have, saasyDB should have someone relevant, as they research every employee possible. Even better, they use AI to simplify job titles to make them easier to sort through, as well as categorizing everyone into broad departments like “C Suite” or “Operations”.

Recently funded companies can make great targets because they are growing, have fresh cash on hand, and are usually hiring and looking to expand their in-house services.

If you’re interested in some sample data, head over to and get in touch. Let them know you’re a Salesforge user and you can get a full week’s worth of data for free to see what it’s really like.

Every week, saasyDB researches 250 to 300 companies that have gotten funding in the previous 7 days, and embellishes those companies with more data points to make it easier to know by description, industry, focuses, specialties, location and funding round info if they’d be a good fit for your pipeline. Every data set has 5,000 to 6,000 verified employee profiles, so there’s no doubt you won’t be able to find ideal prospects in it.

Company data points include: Name, Country, Main Industry, Website, LinkedIn URL, Company Facebook page, Company Twitter p

age, Company size, Company start date, Public/Private company, Employee Range, Description, Founded date, Focuses, Industries, Number of funding rounds, Number of investors, Recent round amount, Recent round type, Recent round date, Top 5 investors, and Total funding to date.

Employee data points include: Name, First name, Last name, Title, Job role, Job department, LinkedIn profile page, Validated email address, Location

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