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Icebreakers and when to use them

An icebreaker allows you to break the ice with the prospect

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One of the ways to increase the reply rate when you need to send a template because you need to control exactly what goes into the initial email is by inserting the icebreaker.

{{icebreaker}} will scan the LinkedIn profile of the recipient and will make a one-line observation and/or a compliment about the individual to break the ice.

There are 2 usual places in the email you would use the icebreaker.

1) Either you would use it as a first line within to break the ice from the get go

Hey Frank,


Your email content

2) You would use it as P.S.


Frank Sondors

CEO @ Salesforge

P.S. {{icebreaker}}

How do you assemble it in Salesforge

Example output for Frank from Salesforce

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