Spintax (Spin syntax)
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What is spintax?

Spintax (short for "spinning syntax") is a syntax format used to create variations of a specific piece of text. It is commonly used in content marketing and SEO to generate multiple variations of the same content for an article, a blog post, or even a product description.

What is a spintaxed email?

Static content or templates negatively impact email deliverability and one of the ways to avoid being penalized by email service providers is to rotate your content randomly within the email, so that you're sending out more of the unique content.

Usually, folks just personalize in a template recipient's name, and company name and may have an icebreaker here and there, which can be natively inserted within Salesforge. Most emails therefore are somewhat identical and the more unique your content is, the better the email deliverability.

Spintax can help, so let's get to it.


First, how do we greet people?

{{Hi|Hello|Hey|Hey there|Hi there}}

Then let's randomize soft CTAs

{{Should I send more information?|Open to chat about this?|Are you interested?|Is this a priority?}}

Then how do we sign off can be also randomized

{{Best Regards|Regards|Cheers|Kind Regards}}

You can change words, whole sentences, and even paragraphs. This applies to the email body as well as the subject line of the email thread.

Salesforge is soon to release auto-spintax also, which will automatically spintax words for you. If you would to enrich our spintax library, please reach out via chat or [email protected]

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