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Use Launch Gravity to get contacts
Use Launch Gravity to get contacts
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Launch Gravity is a lead database that tracks new business creations and web activity over the month. They focus on fundable startups. Always a good idea to pitch a service or product to recently funded companies - because they have money to spend and are looking to reinvest into growth and utility.

They also provide reports and data about Inc. 5000 (fastest-growing companies), Y combinator batches, and Companies founded by former Facebook employees. Having this type of fresh and segmented data also is a great way to do generic personalization/ice-breakers at scale, e.g. β€œCongrats on getting funding for {{companyName}}!”, β€œCongrats on your recent ProductHunt launch!”

There are a few different data segments on Launch Gravity that get updated monthly: YCombinator lists, New Founders, Companies funded just recently, etc.

The overview of all the data is on the Data Feeds tab:

You can access the lists by clicking on the list name and you can save it to your lists by clicking on Add to my lists.

Some of the contacts in the lists already have an email address, which will be visible when you download the CSV file. You can enrich other contacts with no emails by using or similar tools.

By clicking on colored filters, you can filter data by Founder DNA, Experience, Gender, Country, Industry, etc.

Export the data by clicking on the Export button:

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