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Use Builtwith for contact mining
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Builtwith lets you build lists based on what technologies certain companies are using. Itโ€™ll show you which sites use shopping carts, analytics, hosting, and many more. Filter by location, traffic, vertical and more.

If you are an eCommerce solution provider, you would want to know which companies use technology similar to yours, like Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, etc. You can further filter your search by location, or even a keyword that appears on the homepage of the website.

If you are a TikTok ad agency, you would search for TikTok tracking pixel trends, to get the list of websites that track conversions from TikTok ads.

Follow the steps below to extract the list of domains that you can enrich by using Apollo or a similar tool.

  1. In the search field enter the tech, website or keyword that you want to get data for.

You will be taken to the results page, and if the data for your search term exists, it will show up here. You can download the list of the websites by clicking on the link:

Another way to get the tech info is by browsing technology categories from and selecting a group or subgroup.

You can then choose the tech provider on the left-hand side to get all the live websites that use it, or you can filter the search by specific location.

You can use Google Search to find the list on Builtwith too. Just type the technology and Builtwith Trends in the search, if the analytics exist for this technology, it will appear in the results.

From the Usage statistics page, you can easily download the list of live sites with this tech.

Try typing the keywords in the Builtwith search that are relevant to your offer. If you are a brand agency focusing on cosmetics and beauty, type "beauty products":

You will get all the sites that contain this keyword, but it is not related to any technology with the same name.

Your data will be in a CSV file and will contain account-specific information - domain, company name, social network profiles, sales revenue, etc. An easy way to enrich these is by using to import the domains and company names and search for people inside these companies, as shown above in the Apollo section. Remove the first row and save the file, so you can import the data to Apollo, or any other tool for enrichment.


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