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What is Salesforge? πŸ”¨
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With over a decade of B2B sales experience and leading large sales teams, we faced a huge struggle to personalize cold email outreach at scale. It was always a choice between personalizing a small number of emails spending 10 to 30 minutes per lead or sending a lot of templates with some rules based personalized baked-in, which wasn't good enough because it damages your email deliverability sending similar content and users are accustomed to templated content, which results in low reply rates leading to poor sales.

personalization or cold email templates

The existing software in the market is expensive and meh. We've decided to put an end to this in early 2023 and that's when Salesforge as an idea was born. Even before we wrote the first line of code, we had several users paying us to preorder, and even a stranger then paid instantly just by listening in on a conversation about what we were up to in a coffee shop in a quirky part of Berlin β˜• He got the gist of it quickly.

cold email templates

Salesforge is a sales execution super-app - according to the first users running their sequences, it will inevitably disrupt the space and will be the last sales execution platform you'll ever get. Sales organizations large and small, agencies, and entrepreneurs are able to leverage the app to drive personalized cold email outreach at scale to 10X their pipeline numbers. It's a real relative performance lift we're able to attain on a per-sales rep basis by looking at our client performance data, which means you need fewer reps to attain your target for the year making your company so much more CAC efficient.

Once you do the necessary setup, connect your mailboxes either from Gmail or Outlook, and go through at least a couple of weeks of warm-up phase, you should be ready to load your contacts with the necessary personalization input data like LinkedIn URL of the person and your company data profile, then validate the email addresses seamlessly within the platform to then craft unique emails whether that's reviewing them one by one or sending them at scale with a click of a button πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

Then sit back, relax, and let the replies come into the Primebox across all of our mailboxes.

What can you expect from us in the future? πŸš€

  1. B2B contact database

  2. Multichannel & multitouch

  3. More machine learning & AI capabilities

We're on a mission to give every single sales rep the highest probability to hit their target.

Join us for the ride πŸ₯“


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