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Salesforge Cold Email Strategy 📈
🥓 Salesforge Cold Email Strategy Masterclass
🥓 Salesforge Cold Email Strategy Masterclass
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Steal our strategy of how we use Salesforge to scale Salesforge - our exact steps are explained below 🥓

If you want to find out how we book 15-20 demos per day sending over 1k personalized emails per day whether it’s icebreakers/first lines or the whole email, then here we go!

👉 Salesforge is the only software in the market that allows you to hyper-personalize emails at scale leveraging AI marrying seller and buyer data, designed to give you the most bang for your buck. Forget about hiring more sales reps and focus on scaling the output of our existing reps.

👉 If you wonder why you need to personalize your emails, then remember that there’s usually at least a 2-3x relative increase in reply rate in comparison to using templates.

👉 It will take you a couple of hours to get initially set up and then you’ll need to wait 14 days to AI warm up your inboxes in full before starting to reach out to your prospects. Ensure warm-up is always on to ensure you stay out of spam.

👉 To get started, get onboarded by setting up free Salesforge account.

You can use Salesforge for 2 or 2000 inboxes. Let’s crunch some numbers to help you understand the scale and the potential here on what we estimate based on our extensive testing.

Crunching the funnel numbers

🥓 1k emails per day

🥓 20k emails per month (20 work days)

🥓 14k Opens (60% open rate)

🥓 1.4k Replies (10% reply rate)

🥓 350 Meetings/Demos Booked (25% positive reply rate)

🥓 263 Meetings/Demos Attended (75% show rate)

🥓 53 Closed Deals (20% closed won conversion rate)

🥓 $53k/month ($1k ticket)

Potential cost of your tech stack

Inbox set up

🔢 10 domains you recommend buy from GoDaddy or Google Domains - $90

🔢 30 Google Workspace email addresses - $180

Validated email addresses

🔢 Get contacts/leads from your CRM or Apollo or Findymail. Ask us for more.

🔢 20,000 validation credits via Salesforge - $20

Send highly personalized emails

🔢 20,000 highly personalized emails/month using Salesforge - $952

💳 Total $1,242 for the 1st month and $1,152 thereafter

🥓 Bacon: $51,848

🤑 ROI: 5,173.61%

Don’t forget you’ll save also a ton by not needing to hire sales reps, so if, by this stage, you’re not convinced, drop us a message in chat, and let’s jump on a call.

99% of people are ready to get aboard at this stage, so let’s get crackin’

1. Domain & Email Setup

Remember not to use your primary domain to do cold email outreach. You need to use secondary domains. To make your life easier, here’s a checklist to make your life easier. This is something you can pass on to your VAs, SDRs or Sales/Rev Ops Manager to set up. If you’re engineering team handles all the domain, make a request for them to set this up ASAP.

For every domain that you buy, you should set up 2 to 3 mailboxes where you will be sending around 50 emails per day, 20 of them being warm and 30 of them being cold used for going after user prospects to ensure you reduce the risk damaging your email deliverability and stay out of spam.

2. Let’s Buy Some Domains

You should buy domains that are similar to yours and have your brand name in them. Best domain extensions to buy would be .com .io and .ai and the worst ones would be .info .fr . buzz amongst a few other ones.

Let’s say you own, so then you could be domains like:

Here at Salesforge, we buy our domains from GoDaddy as it’s very convenient and you can also get Microsoft Outlook email accounts relatively cheap, which you can you alongside Google Workspace accounts in order to do ESP Matching to drive further improvement in email deliverability as there’s are numerous spam issues.

Top tip:

If you don’t plan to use your domains for more than a year, we recommend you cancel your subscription under

3. Next: Google Workspace set up

Navigate over to and get started. Create up to 3 email addresses.

Important: Create a new Google Workspace account for each of the domains that you bought

4. Setting Up Domains - SPF, DKIM, DMARC & Forwarding (20 mins)

Now we have to set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

Important: Please ensure that you do this before you continue to the next step.

a) Set up SPF

We take that you use Google Workspace, hence you can follow this guide to set up SPF.

Check if your SPF records are properly set up using this tool.

b) Set up DKIM

For Google Workspace, follow this guide to set up DKIM.

Check if your DKIM records are correctly set using this tool.

c) Set up DMARC

​​Important: Configure DKIM and SPF before doing DMARC.

DKIM and SPF should be authenticating messages for at least 48 hours before turning on DMARC.

For Google Workspace you can follow this guide to set up DMARC.

Check if your DMARC is correctly set up using this tool.

d) Set up Forwarding

Finally, make sure you forward the secondary (new) domains to your primary domain, something you can do in the settings section of the domain provider. For GoDaddy, check out this guide for instructions.

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